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With our review of the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 True Wireless more or less complete, I think there are areas we highlighted in the previous version that have been properly dealt with while also keeping the things we did like. For example, the second ComfoBuds now come with an extended battery life without much sacrifice in its slim size or weight. With two extra operating hours out of the case, the ComfoBuds 2 is more convenient for prolonged use while remaining easy on the ears. The IPX5 protection should also ensure users can endure a splash or two of what their environment may bring without concern. 1MORE also kept the things we liked including their fast pairing, touch interface, and automatic play and pause features. Sound quality is also generally improved across the board. They have definitely increased the bass, while also making the midrange and treble clearer and with better characteristics. In the details, there are still improvements to be made, especially with lacking details and soundstaging. Its default equalizer setting is also a muddy experience, but at least this can now be changed. Furthermore, its inconsistent fit from person to person will affect the sound quality, something we have mentioned regarding the previous version. The 1MORE MUSIC app now offers more customization, but could be fixed for its general user experience. At a retail price of $60 USD, these are priced at the same as the original, which makes them a better option than the first rendition. For a wallet-friendly pair of true wireless earbuds, I think you could do worse, even if 1MORE could still do better.

1MORE provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 True Wireless is a marked improvement over its predecessor, but its audio quality can still be further polished.

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