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1MORE claims the EVO to have "true-to-life sound that rivals wired audiophile headphones". Has 1MORE really improved with the EVO or were they just like the True Wireless ANC that I found quite poor? After thoroughly testing and comparing them against my collection of audio products, I have to say the EVO is actually really good. It is night and day compared to the True Wireless ANC. The EVO is like the ColorBuds 2 True Wireless on steroids. In other words, its sound quality is the best I have heard from any 1MORE true wireless earphones, being high energy and having an actual soundstage. Furthermore, the QuietMax active noise canceling actually works, blocking not only constant low frequency background noise like previous generation ANC implementations from the company, but can also successfully attenuate environmental noise. If you have an Android device, the EVO's LDAC support will give you a high bitrate audio stream. The tested battery life is very good, meeting or exceeding specifications at 5 hours 37 minutes with ANC on and 8 hours 54 minutes with ANC off on a single charge. I also like its good looks and reasonably small and light form factor. Combined with a cool-to-touch metal charging case that supports both wireless charging and USB Type-C, there is a lot to like about the 1MORE EVO. In terms of room for improvement, the treble can be a bit harsh and dry in some cases. The microphone is acceptable for phone calls, but it will block out your voice if there is wind in your ears. All in all, 1MORE's claim of "true-to-life sound that rivals wired audiophile headphones" with the EVO is not just marketing speak -- and for $120 at press time, you can be sure the money you are spending will go a long way and bring a smile to your face.

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The 1MORE EVO is the best Bluetooth true wireless earphones the company has to offer with great sound and surprisingly effective ANC.

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