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I have now spent many hours with the 1STPLAYER DK 5.0, typing up the vast majority of this review. Could I have done this on a simple membrane keyboard? Probably. Would I have enjoyed typing the review as much? Definitely not. In terms of feel and usage, the Outemu Blue switches have a nice tactile feedback and sound to them. These switches imitate the original Cherry Blue sufficiently. I did notice an issue with the metallic noise made on every key press, and while I did get used to it eventually, I believe this could become annoying for others. When it comes to aesthetics, the DK 5.0 has a minimalist design with very little branding. I really appreciate the fact 1STPLAYER makes use of all the space on the keyboard. As for backlighting, RGB has just become normalized in the PC community. The RGB controls are fairly simple as there is no software, which allows for simple use with function controls. At a sale price of $50 USD at press time, this keyboard provides decent value. For the low cost, you get RGB lighting and mechanical switches. There are some small areas that 1STPLAYER can work on such as strengthening the inner frame of the keyboard to prevent the spring noise and including a wrist rest. Neither of these are deal-breakers for me, but could be a turn off to some buyers. Overall, the 1STPLAYER DK 5.0 is a good mechanical keyboard at a reasonable price.

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The 1STPLAYER DK 5.0 is a decent budget-friendly RGB mechanical keyboard with Outemu Blue switches.

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