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Page 5 - Test System; Benchmarks: PCMark05, 3DMark06

Our following benchmarks will be conducted on system with all components at stocks speeds. Tests will be run on computer with the following specifications:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86GHz Dual Core)
RAM: OCZ Special Ops Edition Urban Elite PC6400 @ 4-4-3-15
Graphics: BFG GeForce 7600GT OC 256MB
Power Supply: Tagan TurboJet 1100W
Case: Thermaltake Aguila (1x120mm LED, 1x120mm standard)
Storage: Seagate 7200.10 320GB 16MB Cache SATA2
Optical: NEC AD-7170A 18X DVD+/-RW
Sound: Onboard / Comparison: Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

Comparison motherboards:
- abit AB9-Pro (Intel P965)
- Asus P5W64-WS Professional (Intel i975X)

CPU-Z Screenshot.

Note that the Asus motherboard is a workstation class product and retails for nearly twice as much as the AB9-Pro, so keep in mind that it is not exactly comparing apples to apples. Also, in FSB/CPU Clock affected benchmarks, results within a couple percent (2%) is theoretically identical as a motherboard setting the FSB to 267 versus 266 will give one a performance advantage.

The performance of all parts is theoretically identical in our PCMark05 tests, except the Asus P5W64-WS Professional gains a slight performance advantage on paper among nearly all tests, although the difference and error margin is negotiable. It is interesting how the abit outperformed (On paper) the Asus in the graphics area.

In 3DMark06 running on all stock settings except for resolution (It has been lowered to 1024x768), the abit again outperformed the Asus board in this area. Although not by a significant or considerable margin (Since this is all on-paper stuff along with error margin taken into consideration), this is also reflected by the graphics test in PCMark05; which is developed by the same company.

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