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I am always astounded how much of a difference one small thing can make. Antlion Audio really burst onto the market by providing quality microphones that are extremely versatile. Even in my situation, where gaming is not necessarily a top priority, the Antlion Audio ModMic USB is definitely a big upgrade from my computer’s built-in microphone. It makes video calls much easier and clearer, while the mute button is a convenient way to quickly switch out of a conversation if there is suddenly too much background noise. Installing the ModMic is a quick and easy process and the magnets are powerful enough to ensure the microphone will not fall off during use. The long 2m cable is a bit of nuisance, but with some cable management using the included cable clips, it is more manageable. As for build quality, it has a mostly plastic construction with a rubber cable, but the arm of the microphone is strong. As I have already mentioned, the magnets are also really strong. The only issue I have is the sharp points surrounding the magnets. It is easy to accidentally touch them; while not painful, they are bothersome. The ModMic USB is an excellent microphone at this price point. It removes much of the hollow sound which is present in cheap microphones while providing a more natural sound. It is more bass heavy, but a big improvement over other microphones. Even on the omni-directional mode, much of the background noise is removed. The Antlion Audio ModMic USB comes in at $80. It is a great choice for that extra boost of quality when it comes to gaming or day-to-day video calls.

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The Antlion Audio ModMic USB is a go-to choice for anyone seeking the next level of sound input quality when talking to your friends online.

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