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Despite the fact the Audioengine HD3 looks like a miniature version of the HD6, after giving it a closer look and an even closer listen, I soon realized this is a very different product. How so? Well, they are designed and tuned differently for fundamentally different purposes. While the HD6 are tuned for perfect frequency response across the range for the audio purist looking to fill a small to medium sized room, the HD3 are compact computer speakers designed to fit on your desk where space is a constraint. Although the HD3 features a brighter sound signature, these are no doubt quality speakers that produces quality sound that is a pleasure to listen to without mimicking its bigger brother. Combine this with its generous array of audio inputs -- Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm, RCA -- and Texas Instruments' excellent PCM5102 digital to analog converter, it is probably more accurate to describe the Audioengine HD3 as a complete sound system than a pair of desktop speakers. A really good compact sound system, that is. In classic Audioengine fashion, this setup's flawless construction and finish, all with an intricate attention to detail, makes it fit right in with any premium equipment configuration. This, along with the HD3's classical, inoffensive design, allow it to be a welcomed addition everywhere. It even comes with an amplified headphone output and a bass reduction switch for those who plan to use it with a subwoofer! If there is anything I would suggest improvements on, I got two. One of them is bigger than the other. Firstly, at times I feel like the HD3 lacks power. A more powerful amplifier would make things sound more solid, especially when you dial up the volume. Secondly, make the inputs separate and user-selectable rather than just mixing everything together. For $400 at press time, the Audioengine HD3 is not cheap. But if you are looking for a quality set of speakers that are small and will fit on your desk, the Audioengine HD3 is one of the best money can buy. Just remember to save some cash for a subwoofer to go along, and brace for awesome.

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The Audioengine HD3 are small speakers. But they are not small in performance.

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