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It does not happen frequently here at APH Networks that the conclusion was already in my mind right from the start. For me, audio is a very special breed of product to review. It sure would impress me to see a video card deliver graphics output at unprecedented frame rates, or gain a non-sarcastic "wow" from me when I watch a processor whoop through benchmarks effortlessly to gain high scores. But hearing good sound shoots straight for the heart. It will tingle a sense of passion that simply does not resonate the same way when anything else is tested. It will feel right, and I will recognize it the first time I hear it. The Audioengine A2+ is one of those products. It took some time to break them in, but once that phase was done, and I sat down and listened to them seriously, I knew. I knew they were the one from that moment. The Audioengine A2+ simply sounds incredible. In the beginning of this review, I proposed the question, "Will the A2+ blow you away in sound quality, or will its price tag blow you away from the store?" Well, let me make it clear to you. The question is not whether or not the Audioengine A2+ is worth the $250 price tag. The question is if you have $250 in your pocket right now. Simply put, the Audioengine A2+ is worth every penny. Sure, there are some imperfections in design, like its unintuitive rear volume control. A slightly better built in DAC would be nice, too. Including the desktop wedge rather than making them optional will definitely make the package more appealing. But if you are looking for a set of compact powered desktop speakers with sound that will blow you away, pick up a pair along with a subwoofer of your choice, and be blown away.

Atlantia provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Some say seeing is believing. For the Audioengine A2+, you have to hear it to believe it. This compact 2.0 speaker set is incredible; bar none.

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