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In a time where everything features RGB LEDs, the Ballistix Elite PC4-28800 4x8GB enters the market with only the basics: Big capacity, high bandwidth, quality ICs, and a lifetime warranty. You read it right. These are good old DDR4 RAM with black colored aluminum heatspreaders and no fancy lights. Was this a recipe for success? In my opinion, the Ballistix Elite PC4-28800 4x8GB answers "yes" to this question with ease and even throws in a bit of overclocking headroom as well. While it is already specified at a speedy DDR4-3600 out of the box, I managed to eke out another 7.4% for a final rate of DDR4-3866, Prime95 stable, with the timings loosened slightly, as shown in our screenshot above. Ballistix's M.O.D. utility gives you real time temperature monitoring, too. Under the attractive but low profile heatspreaders, with Micron's own C9BJF integrated circuit chips and marketed under the Ballistix brand, you can be assured this is a quality product manufactured by an American company that designed every part themselves from the beginning to the end. The Ballistix Elite PC4-28800 4x8GB is priced quite reasonably for a set of DDR4-3600 32GB memory kit that has all the capacity and speed to boot for about $400 at press time. If you are looking for some fast RAM that will last you for years to come backed by a lifetime warranty and you do not want any RGB LEDs, this kit would be my pick so far in 2019.

Micron provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Ballistix Elite PC4-28800 4x8GB is a classic case of awesome enthusiast RAM: Big capacity, high bandwidth, quality ICs, and lifetime warranty, plus some overclocking headroom on top.

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