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The question we have yet to answer is, "Will the Spectre Pro LED be the faster and quieter fan that users will want to get for their system?" In term of quietness, BitFenix has done just fine with the Spectre Pro LED. It has proved itself and scored very well with how quiet it is here at APH Networks, where, like many people, we are fans of quiet fans -- no pun intended. What BitFenix also offers are vibrant LEDs for users who are into this kind of lighting effects, and FDB bearings to give the Spectre Pro a longer lifespan. However, in terms of speed or performance, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. In fact, for a fan that has a maximum fan speed of 1200 RPM, I can say this was one of the worst performing units we have tested here at APH Networks in terms of airflow and static pressure. I believe this has to do with how they mixed up the priorities of the users. BitFenix has tried so hard in making a fan that is so quiet, it has forgotten that user's first and foremost want is a solution that is cool. Obviously, there is a tradeoff between the two, but based on products we have reviewed in the past, I know it is definitely possible to extract out a lot more performance, even at this noise level. For a retail price of around $16 USD at press time, it is cheaper than offerings from Noctua, Fractal Design, and SilverStone. Even with all its merits, there are certain things that cannot be overshadowed by the lack of performance of the fans. It is designed to move air, and if it is not very good at the very thing it is designed for, then it is clearly a major issue. Also, the quality control is questionable, considering we had to solder a broken wire straight from the box. The answer to the question asked in the introduction, and once again in the beginning of this paragraph, is a solid 'no' from me. I personally think BitFenix had the right idea, but it certainly needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

BitFenix provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The BitFenix Spectre Pro LED is a competitively priced and quiet LED fan, but its inability to move air is a big flaw for the very thing it is designed for in the first place.

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