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Apple, will of course, sell plenty of their new iPhones, especially to people who did not upgrade when the iPhone X was released. Those changes to hardware can make a significant difference to many people wanting that little boost of performance. Similarly, the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM531 makes some small changes to the MM530, which could definitely be exactly what some people are looking for. The MM531 shines in all the same ways as the MM530. A large body ensuring a comfortable palm grip experience. However, due to the lighter weight of the MM531, it functions much better as a claw grip mouse than the MM530 did. This provides it with some extra flexibility. Furthermore, the TactiX functionality ensures some extra buttons for games that really need it, such as in an MMO, but its practicality is still a little bit difficult because of the extra button press. But for Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the buttons already found on the mouse are more than enough. Beyond that, the build quality is great except for the side buttons feeling a little cheap, but they are satisfyingly clicky just like the two main buttons. There are still three separate zones for the RGB LEDs, but the logo on the back of the mouse has changed slightly. When it comes to the performance, the MM531 still performs excellently in all the tests. I had less issues finding the right sensitivity on the MM531, but otherwise performance is good. The price comes in at $50 USD, which is the same as the MM530. Both of these mice are good choices, but the MM531 has the lighter weight and if that is something you want, then the MM531 is definitely the better choice.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Cooler Master has delivered a superleggera version of the MM530 with the MM531, which performs in all the right ways.

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