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The Cooler Master MH703 proved to be a reasonably capable set of earphones, especially for the price. They are small, light, and are constructed from aluminum, meaning they have excellent build quality. The areas where the cable connects to the earphone or to the 3.5mm connector is reinforced with rubber to ensure there will be no fraying or issues with the connector detaching from the cable. Furthermore, the cable is braided giving just that extra bit of quality feel to the product. Unfortunately, the cable tangles extremely easily and I had to untangle it each time I took it out. This is a minor complaint, but it was still quite annoying. However, Cooler Master does include some great accessories. The hard carrying case and cable splitter are great additions. The MH703 boasts great specifications and overall performed acceptably during tests. For gaming, the footsteps were easily discernible, although the lack of bass made them sound recessed. Any bass head would have to look elsewhere. As for the general sound quality, the MH703s has its highs and lows. The bass and some of the midrange was not as saturated, lacking detail. The earphones did well when it came to treble; the sound being bright and energetic. The greatest issue for me was a lack in detail. The microphone could be better, since it was a bit distorted. Are these deal breakers? Not for $30 at press time. The MH703 are well-built gaming earbuds with good specifications, and in my opinion they performed great with relation to its size and price.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Cooler Master MH703 are well-built and competitively priced earbuds for $30.

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