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With the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 Series, these is a solid selection of fans for users to keep their systems running cool. From the top, I am pretty happy to see a whole variety of different fans with various lighting options for whatever you might want. Despite the different aesthetics, the fans all still offer the same performance and noise output too. As such, Cooler Master offers something for any user. Each fan is built well with all of the illuminated models sporting a white translucent impeller, while the standard version uses a dark grey plastic. The cables on each of the fans are a bit short for my liking, but they are braided for durability purposes and hiding the individual strands of wires. When it comes to performance, the SickleFlow 120 fans do a pretty good job in performance, allowing for a consistent airflow while also providing decent airflow and static pressure. Finally, the modified rifle bearings, even if they are not the quietest, offer a long lifetime before failure. If there is one thing they may have sacrificed here, it would be noise output, as these SickleFlow 120 fans are a bit louder than I would like. It is not uncomfortable at maximum speed, but they are still noticeable and those looking for quieter fans may want to look elsewhere. Even so, I think it strikes a good balance between noise and performance. At the time of this review, the SickleFlow 120 Series starts at $8 USD for no lighting, $10 USD for single color lighting like red or blue, $14 USD for RGB, and $17 USD for Addressable RGB. You can also get a three-pack addressable RGB for $50 USD, which includes a lighting controller. Overall, the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 lineup is a solid family of fans that offer good performance at each respective price point.

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With available options in lighting or colors, the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 series cooling fans offers multiple ways to keep cool and "Make it Yours".

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