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Kind of like and kind of unlike the Nissan Micra and the Mitsubishi Mirage at the same time, you can see the cheap and cheerfulness of the Cooler Master Storm Devastator keyboard and mouse pack. For one, it actually does come in with flashing lights, or more like emitting backlights, with both mouse and keyboard illuminating the dark. It is not like Cooler Master threw some random lights and called it a job well done, but rather, they actually thought what would be functional and stylish at the same time. Design-wise, both of these are quite a bit better than you would expect for a budget set. Then when it comes to performance, you can tell Cooler Master really put some effort into making this whole combination that much more. The keyboard offers decent feedback, even if it is a regular membrane keyboard. The mouse is comfortable to use with the side grips holding your hand in place. Using the MS2K also shows the mouse can really compete with its performance. Its accurate and predictability make for a genuinely good experience. Finally, the glide underneath the MS2K is impressive with the Teflon feet letting it slide nicely, especially on a good mousing surface. However, this combination is not without its let downs. For one, much like the Micra and the Mirage, the mouse is missing out on some things like customizable software or additional weights. The keyboard, while providing good feedback, is not exactly the most comfortable with a low kickstand, and lacking a wrist rest. It is also almost impossible to see the keys without the backlighting on. Overall, the build quality could also do a bit more work, especially with some key press issues on both the mouse and the keyboard. And if you looked at this whole set, you would probably think, "For $50, that is still a decent overall package." But this keyboard and mouse actually holds an MSRP of $30 USD. There are obviously some downsides, and that is expected especially in this price range. Truly, you cannot deny this is one excellent steal of a deal. Sometimes, I wonder how they can do so much for so little money.

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Did I forget to mention this keyboard and mouse is only $30? While not a devastating blow to the competition, the Cooler Master Storm Devastator offers one of the best bang for your buck in gaming peripherals.

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