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How much progress have we made with the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 since the 640x480 model designed to sit on top of my CRT monitor I bought 25 years ago? To clarify, I actually bought a Logitech C270 during COVID for my work PC, so I am not actually out of the webcam scene for a quarter of a century. Now that we have that settled, I will have to say I am quite impressed by the Live! Cam Sync V3 for a solid list of reasons. It produces sharp, smooth 2K videos at 30fps with a great sounding microphone. The 95° horizontal field of view lens can capture a lot of area with very reasonable distortion at the edges, and if that is too much, there is a button you can press at the top to digitally zoom in up to 4x, so your coworkers will not see your entire room. I also like the physical design of the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3. It sports a clean, simple, and functional appearance. The universal clamp can stand by itself, but can also be tripod mounted as well as clipped on top of any LCD display, including your laptop. Furthermore, the camera can be rotated on all axes to get the perfect angle. I also like the physical privacy cover. As with all products, there are a few minor things to point out. For one, while I like the physical privacy cover, I find it awkward to use in practice. The low light performance is passable, but there is room for improvement. Lastly, I did not find SmartComms Kit that useful. The background noise reduction feature works, but it will significantly distort your voice. Now, let us talk about the price. For $40 at press time, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 is actually surprisingly affordable. The features and performance of this webcam well justifies the price tag. If you are looking for a great webcam for work calls or even casual streaming at a great price, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 is no doubt a solid choice.

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The Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 is a well-designed webcam that delivers solid 2K video quality along with a good microphone at a surprisingly affordable price.

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