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As I look at the new soundbar sitting underneath the 42" TV that doubles as a monitor for one of my computers in my basement, the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana proves to be a hard-to-miss item one more time. The Katana promises great audio performance for gaming and entertainment alike in an aesthetically pleasing package. Were they successful? In my opinion, its clean lines, brushed aluminum finish, and RGB LEDs underglow is a very compelling argument for its looks. The Katana is sleek and fits well underneath your TV or monitor, and it feels nice to touch while we are at it. Functionally, there are tons of inputs for all your entertainment needs, and its built-in display and remote control makes it all the better. But when it comes to the audio performance, things are a little bit different. The sound quality is average at best. Simply put, there are no surprises. It sounds like what it looks like; leaving little up to your imagination. I wish the subwoofer was more powerful, and the soundbar itself was tuned for more neutrality with a thicker midrange, wider soundstage, and cleaner output. Furthermore, a better use of the RGB LEDs, such as more user customization along with an option for a visualizer, will give people more eye candy. Lastly, the Bluetooth antenna is a bit weak, which reduces its wireless consistency and range. At the end of the day, I would have given this a pass if it was $150. But for about $300 at press time, the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana -- no matter how good it looks or how well it is built -- is simply too much money for the audio performance it delivers.

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Creative's Sound BlasterX Katana is a well-designed and well-constructed soundbar, but it lacks the sound quality to back its price.

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