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About Crystal Disk Mark

- Seq Q32T1: Sequential (Block Size=128KiB) Read/Write with 32 queues & 1 thread
- 4K Q8T8: Random 4KiB Read/Write with 8 queues & 8 threads
- 4K Q32T1: Random 4KiB Read/Write with 32 queues & 1 thread
- 4K Q1T1: Random 4KiB Read/Write with 1 queue & 1 thread
- Select test data (Random, 0Fill)

From: Developer's Page

As for this review, we updated our Crystal Disk Mark benchmark to version 6.0. However, the results are not compatible with the older version 3.0 we have tested with in the past, so we have to restart our graph results. Looking at the sequential read and write results, this Crucial P1 1TB is right in the middle of the pack, though this is understandable considering there are only three drives on the graph, haha. This follows a similar trend with the rest of the results, though the P1 500GB version did seem to close the gap with slightly higher numbers. Otherwise, you can see the pure dominance on display with the WD Black NVMe SSD 1TB, which is more a testament to its great performance numbers rather than the ones from the P1. However, we will continue to see more drives on this graph in the future, so we can get better relative results.

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