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If I were to answer the question at the beginning, I have to say the Crucial P1 1TB is a jack of all trades SSD, combining a performance that is respective of its price, but this is not a bad thing in this case. From the start of our benchmarks, you would think this can be a competent performer especially with some of the numbers the P1 produced. Its sequential results and other synthetic numbers were very competitive. Even in more real world simulated results that vary read and write performance, the Crucial P1 1TB was in the middle to upper middle of our pack of SSDs. Furthermore, Crucial offers a sufficient five year warranty coverage. However, the main thing holding back the performance is the quad-level cell NAND. Our lengthier consistency test revealed what performance was like when the drive started filling up and unfortunately, the numbers were not great. While they were still faster than other options like DRAM-less SSDs in these workloads, the P1 1TB results dropped off when its write cache filled up. In addition, it still has a relatively low write endurance compared to the less dense NAND flash. However, if you put all of these results in the perspective that this is primarily a consumer SSD, I can say the Crucial P1 1TB is a competent drive for those looking a larger capacity and decently fast SSD in their rig. Its rated endurance for the warrantied period is still more gigabytes of write per day than most users will do anyway. When it comes to pricing, the Crucial P1 1TB is priced relatively competitively at $220 USD. Flash memory pricing is only becoming more competitive, as you can find some better performing solid state drives getting close to this price per gigabyte, but this is also just the beginning of QLC. While the performance numbers may not necessarily peak as high, it is very good for a consumer drive under regular workloads and hopefully we will continue to see lower prices for these higher capacity drives.

Crucial provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Crucial P1 1TB is a peek at the future for a wallet-friendly, consumer-grade drive with some real beefy capacity and decent performance to back it up.

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