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I stood outside the front door, ringing the doorbell once. Waiting in the dark, I looked through the window, hoping someone was at home. Growing a bit nervous no one was actually there, I rang the bell a second time. This feeling was short-lived, as the sounds of the deadbolt door unlocking echoed out. The door opened, and I stood there holding the bouquet of chicken nuggets and brownies. I was met with a second of shock, followed by joy and surprise. In the end, despite me delivering a not-so conventional gift for Valentine's, she took it with the same enthusiasm and happiness as I hoped for. This is pretty much the same sentiment I have after putting the CRYORIG A80 through its paces. While it may have looked unconventional, it delivered in performance as I expected. Starting at the beginning, CRYORIG has made the right decision in choosing Asetek for the OEM, as we have seen their great build and quality in past coolers. Installation was one of the easiest I have done in a while, which is great to see. As for performance, I really did not have too much to complain about. The CRYORIG A80 is definitely capable of keeping the brain of the machine cool and functioning. In addition, the sound output by the pump and the included fans was generally low. Only under high load situations was the AIO cooler audible. As for the third fan on top of the water block, I cannot really say for certain it will help the cooling performance in more standard builds, though it should theoretically help in other circumstances like overclocking. Overall then, I really do not have much to complain about. For CRYORIG's first entry into the crowded AIO market, I have to say they have done a pretty good job. It might be missing the typical RGB treatment, and the third fan may make for some possible clearance issues in smaller chassis, though I really do not think either of these are big issues. Otherwise, the only thing I would suggest is for CRYORIG could take a look at making the fans just slightly quieter, and to better affix the rubber dampeners on the fans. Taking a look at the retail store, the A80 can be found for $125 USD, which is on par with similarly sized AIO coolers. Thus with a competitive price, performance, and a six year warranty, the CRYORIG A80 is yet another solid pick.

CRYORIG provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The A-series lineup from CRYORIG may look different, but its great cooling performance makes it fit in with the rest.

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