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On first glance, you might say the ambience from the DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH is quite intimidating, at least in a physical sense. The DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH is a hefty cooler, both in size and weight. Its hulking dimensions are notable as it is jam packed with lots of metal to reduce the heat. Material choices here are solid and the full white finish makes the whole unit stand out. The two fans are integrated well, both in color and in physical placement, making for a uniquely boxy look. Other neat features include a speed switch to choose between a performance and quiet mode, a glowing teal color logo, and the ability to add a third fan. With seven heatpipes and two stacks of fins, the DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH has everything down on paper for a strong cooler. Installation is generally straightforward with a tried-and-true process that we have seen in the past. The inclusion of an easy-to-grip screwdriver and a full tube of thermal paste are also appreciated here. In terms of performance, the DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH is more than capable, providing top-tier numbers in both idle and load testing. Its fans are relatively quiet, even when rotating at maximum speed, which is another excellent point. As such, the only thing that users will have to be aware of is the size of the ASSASSIN IV. Its tall height may rule out compatibility with smaller cases. Furthermore, you may run into interference issues between the cooler and your motherboard, especially if you have beefy passive VRM cooling. It could also be an issue for ITX builds, as the components are much closer to each other. However, if you can get the ASSASSIN IV WH mounted properly in place, you will not be disappointed with the execution. At the time of the review, this sells for $100, which is the same as the all-black version. If you are looking for a white cooler that is more than capable of handling heat, the DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH is a competent choice.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The DeepCool ASSASSIN IV WH is an air cooler with size and expertise to keep your processor cool.

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