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Whether you go by the "the bigger, the better" or "big things come in small packages" philosophy, the Deepcool GF120 fan looks like a good contender in the market of air cooling. In its standard 120mm size, it is able to deliver a good amount of airflow for your system, while keeping noise levels reasonably low. Implementing Japanese-made bearings, rubber mounting grommets, and a soft rubber cover around the frame are commendable features in keeping performance in check. Although the minimum 500rpm speed setting may not seem as practical in most configurations, flooring the speed to 1800rpm certainly delivers results if you are not overly concerned about higher noise levels. However, running 1800rpm speeds may not be totally practical either, unless you are rendering graphics and running applications 24/7. Either way, it is all about the flexibility, right? In terms of visual aesthetics, I like how Deepcool has painted it fully black, despite the fact that it may be a bit generic. However, angles implemented on the frame as made it more visually appealing. With a 4-pin connector, you can connect the GF120 to any PWM or 3-pin motherboard fan header and not have to worry about monitoring its speed. More importantly, the Deepcool GF120 does what it is intended to do -- provide commendable static pressure and good airflow at a relatively low noise. The only real complaint I have about the GF120 is that the cable is somewhat shorter than what I expected. If Deepcool could either extend the cable a little, or provide an extension cable for users with larger chassis, this would definitely solve some cable management issues. While the Deepcool GF120 may be a good contender with the next latest 120mm fan, it will ultimately be up to the user to decide whether this fan is right for them. In my opinion, with so many great features to boot and so little to complain about, the Deepcool GF120 is definitely worth considering.

Deepcool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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For a MSRP of only $19.99, the Deepcool GF120 is not cheap, but it is a reasonably priced 120mm fan to cool your system without sticking something that sounds like a jet engine in your chassis.

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