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DeepCool's first entry into the mousepad market is a big splash because of the necessary things they covered, while also providing some premium features to keep it competitive. The GT920 is a full deskpad that is made well with CORDURA brand fabric, which offers durability that should stand the test of time. CORDURA also brings water resistance, preventing liquids from soaking through. In addition, we have other features like a unintrusive braided edge, thick and grippy rubber base, and a large size to easily cover your working area. In practice, the DeepCool GT920 holds up well, with a smart balance between a smooth glide performance while still offering great control aspects to enable predictable and precise tracking. The 3mm thickness is relatively low profile and the base ensures everything stays in place. Furthermore, the cloth-based pad, although it may be susceptible to dust, ensures mouse movement noise is kept to a minimum. If you want a smaller or larger pad than this, DeepCool has you covered with multiple sizes as well, to ensure a great experience at any size. If there was anything to improve on the GT920, it would be a minor ask to remove or relocate the tag at the edge of the mousepad, as it could interfere with your cables where it currently is. DeepCool has listed the GT920 with an MSRP of $40 USD, which seems pretty reasonable for this size and quality. As such, I can happily report DeepCool continues to push out solid gaming peripherals with the addition of the GT920, making it another excellent option for someone looking to add a bit more control to their gaming setup.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The DeepCool GT920 delivers all the necessary features for a premium mousepad with the benefits of a CORDURA fabric surface.

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