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Did the MC310 act as a good product to reconnect us with DeepCool? For starters, the DeepCool MC310 provided fairly good performance. When gaming, the MC310 demonstrated precise tracking movement and button clicks. The switches felt crisp and were very responsive. All the buttons were very easy to reach with my fingers while being far enough apart to avoid accidental clicks. The choice to have dedicated sensitivity increase and decrease buttons was very nice considering many budget mice only have a single sensitivity toggle button. Even if you do not mind cycling through each sensitivity, having an extra button is always a positive, as it provides more options for button mapping. The MC310 is solidly built with a nice matte black honeycomb plastic shell that hides fingerprints well. The PTFE feet allow the mouse to slide over all flat surfaces. The light weight of the mouse, even if it is slightly heavier than expected given its honeycomb shell, is another big part of how easy it is to use for gaming, especially when requiring drastic movements. The RGB LED lighting looks great with a big part of this being thanks to the placement of the lighting zones. The MC310 software is intuitive to use with tons of customization potential from button mapping to lighting effects. With that all said though, there are some things to keep in mind. As with all honeycomb mice, dust can easily enter the hollow shell, which is something I found myself dealing with after some usage. While this mouse is great for palm grip users, the large shell size will grow uncomfortable for those who prefer a claw or finger grip style, or those who simply have smaller hands. The rated lifespan of 10 million clicks falls on the shorter side and jitter was noticeable at high sensitivity setting, but this is a budget mouse. The sensitivity steps are also inconsistent between DPI ranges. Keep in mind the Corsair Katar PRO XT comes at the same price with a much better sensor and similar weight, but has no RGB LED lighting. Overall, DeepCool did a respectable job with their first mouse. At an MSRP of only $30, I am very comfortable with saying you are getting a great deal for a solidly built mouse in the lightweight category with generally good performance.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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-- Final APH Networks Numeric Rating is 7.2/10
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The DeepCool MC310 is a strong gaming mouse contender in the lightweight category with RGB LED lighting at a very low price.

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