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The Durgod Taurus K310 may be a relatively unknown keyboard to some, but it deserves much from attention for what it provides. For example, many manufacturers settle on using ABS keycaps, but Durgod opts for the better PBT keycaps as a standard. In addition, the Taurus K310 provides you plenty of options when deciding on types of real OEM Cherry MX key switches. With this amount of variety, you are bound to find the perfect switch type for you when buying this keyboard. When we talk about build quality, this keyboard is nothing but exceptional. For a plastic exterior, the build is solid and has very little to no flex. The cable routing feature is another great feature with great implementation by having the routes all exit at the top of the keyboard. There are some parts of the Taurus K310 can improve though. The cables provided are both very nice to use as they fit very well, but it would be a nice addition to provide sleeved cables. Another nice addition would be a wrist rest. Neither of these issues are deal breakers for me as you can simply buy another USB Type-C cord or a wrist rest on the side. One thing that cannot just be added on are LED backlights. At a price point of $120 USD, backlighting is not an unreasonable expectation considering it does not come with braided cables or a wrist rest. That said, if you are willing to spend $20 more, you are able to upgrade to a white backlit keyboard, while an additional $20 after will give you complete RGB. At the maximum price of $160, it is not necessarily a cheap keyboard, but you will get a good set of premium features with rainbow lighting and a durable build. Even so, I respect Durgod for producing this well-built keyboard even if the base price is a little bit on the hefty side. If anything, I just wish I heard about this manufacturer earlier, haha.

Durgod provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Durgod Taurus K310 is an exceptionally well-built mechanical keyboard with an understated appearance.

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