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When it boils down, the Stay Earbuds Wireless are an interesting pair of earbuds. EMTEC has knocked a few aspects of this out of the park, especially with the build. They are very well designed and look attractive too. EMTEC's brand coloring of dark grays and a sharp red, and on the Stay it looks good. Anti-tangling flat-wire cables are also great to see, and the Stay Earbuds Wireless are a sleek solution for wire-free audio. In addition, accessories including the carrying case and even USB cable is very well made, and I am quite pleased. When it comes to the audio, the results are a bit more mixed. Low-ends are surprisingly present, but lack the full richness I like. The midrange is natural but a tad boosted, and the trebles seem a bit too recessed, especially near the top. Overall, soundstaging capabilities can be improved in terms of depth, but the audio image produced by the Stay Earbuds Wireless is good for width. Clarity is observed here, but the few minor hisses can still be fixed up. With daily usage, EMTEC shows the thought and care taken into consideration for the interface. There are zero annoying beeps and random pauses when hitting limits of volume or executing other actions. Your mileage will vary in terms of comfort, but I would prefer a more oval-like shape for the earbud tips, as this is closer to human ears. This would make the Stay Earbuds sit in your ear for longer periods of time. Battery life is about on par with other competition at around seven hours, but it will mean you may have to charge once or twice a day dependent on usage. As for pricing, the EMTEC Stay Earbuds Wireless can be found online for around $60 USD, which is fairly reasonable for what you get. At a first go of things, the magnetic-based company has produced some good wireless earbuds, capable of delivering decent sound in a small and stylish package.

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The EMTEC Stay Earbuds Wireless are as well-designed as some premium Bluetooth headsets, with audio reproduction quality about as expected for its price.

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