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As this is the third Fnatic Gear product we have reviewed, I have to say I have been quite impressed with the first two. Granted, only the mouse was actually all new. Their "new" keyboard was practically the exact same as the original Func. Thankfully, I can also say the Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL has not disappointed in delivering solid quality and performance for its price range. Design wise, the Focus G1 is simple to the eyes, and this is great to see. Again, Fnatic Gear has exercised their restraint in producing a simple and clean product, rather than overdoing it with graphics. Fabric quality on the mousepad is top notch; feeling and looking consistent throughout. The backing is consistent too, and grips onto any table easily. Overall, the size holds a happy medium between being permanent on a desk or for more gaming on-the-go. As for performance, the Focus G1 excels in all our tested categories, keeping up with the best mousing surfaces we have seen in the past. The Focus G1 is capable in providing good glide, easy control, excellent grip onto the table, and a low noise output. Sizing might be a concern, but it should not, as Fnatic Gear has five different sizes, and most customers should be able to find something they like among these options. If there is one thing I would change with the Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL, it would be the edges. They are quite sharp, and I think they could improve this by either rounding over the edges, or having some sort of extra fabric to line the sides. Even so, this is a small inconvenience, and definitely does not overshadow the great product Fnatic Gear has once again put forward. As always, this mousing surface is only available from Fnatic Gear's website, and this specific size sells for $20 USD. Considering its excellent features and sufficient room for this price, I think the Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL is an excellent option for a smooth mousepad.

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Fnatic Gear's mousepad may not be the most glorious of peripherals, but if you are looking for one, this is something you might want to Focus on.

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