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After getting over the shock of this being Fractal Design's first RGB product, I think there are two angles you can look at with the Prisma AL-12. On an aesthetic standpoint, I think Fractal Design has nailed down what I would expect from a Scandinavian-inspired company. While RGB may not fit into everyone's thought of simple or clean, the Fractal Design Prisma AL-12 fans are one of the simplest and cleanest fans designed in this market, whether powered on or off. Its black and white exterior is unassuming and could just pass as another Fractal Design fan. When we turn the room lights off and plug in the addressable RGB header, the fans come alive, but the implementation of the lighting is neither gaudy nor excessive. It is a clean look that can light up your computer case. The fact it can daisy chain for lighting is another bonus in my books. The Fractal Design Adjust R1 also makes adjusting these colors and effects simple and quick. On a functional angle, the Prisma AL-12 offer average performance. Internally, its sleeve bearings are fine-tuned to have a long life and stay quiet. Thankfully, I can say the whisper-like operation was true in our testing. On the other hand, the lower perceived noise also was a result of the lower rotational speed and airflow output of the Prisma AL-12. Overall, I would have personally liked to see the Prisma AL-12 move more air, even if Fractal Design's PWM variants are readily available with better performance numbers. At a retail price of $22 for a single fan or $60 for a three pack, it is not the cheapest set of fans if you are looking purely for cooling performance. However, it is competitively priced for addressable RGB fans. Its implementation of lighting and balanced approach between noise and airflow output is still something to be happy about, making the Fractal Design Prisma AL-12 a plausible option for those who want colors and cooling.

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The Fractal Design Prisma AL-12 is a quiet fan that is dressed to the nines with its addressable RGB LEDs.

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