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While I do not think I will be streaming regularly anytime soon, the GAMDIAS IRIS M1 does make streaming a bit easier. For one, the GAMDIAS IRIS M1 is unique in that it provides a solution for video capturing and lighting. The ring light on the IRIS M1 can be changed for brightness and cycle between three color temperatures on-the-fly, making it even more versatile. GAMDIAS has also implemented a few privacy-centric features in the form of an activity LED, a handy output blocker button, and a silicone cover to physically block the lens. When it comes to usage, I appreciate the multiple mounting options here so that you can place the IRIS M1 above your monitor, on a table, or on a tripod with its threaded hole. As for its recording performance, image and video quality was generally acceptable with a smooth 60fps capture and without much lens distortion. The audio captured was also generally clear for casual use. That being said, there are still some areas that GAMDIAS can improve upon. For one, in low light situations, the IRIS M1 faltered a bit more and lost details. The ring light did help in some situations, but it also sometimes blew out the subject if left at full brightness. Physically, I would like to see the activity LED light up when the microphone is in use. I also would want future webcams from the company to offer pivoting or rotation adjustment. At the time of this review, the GAMDIAS IRIS M1 is listed at $70, which is quite competitive for the feature set we have. As such, if you are getting into streaming or need a webcam for work, the GAMDIAS IRIS M1 is a decent option.

GAMDIAS provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The GAMDIAS IRIS M1 is a respectable webcam for streaming by combining good video capture performance and lighting into a single device.

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