Gigabyte AORUS AMP500 Review (Page 1 of 4)

By: Hai Wang
August 30, 2019

In the auto industry, soft-touch materials are often used for interiors to make sure the vehicle is comfortable to drive. Just to take a look at your car for example, the steering wheel, shift knob, door pulls, and the seats are all soft-touch. If you are willing to pay more for luxury, those aforementioned places can be wrapped with leather for a even better sense of touch The same idea also applies to computer users. When people are using computers, it is expected to have a comfortable setup of the usage environment. Normally, it should include a table and chair set that fit the user's size and shape, as well as a keyboard and mouse set that can perfectly match the user's preference. However, for a certain group of people, gamers particularly, only to have a nice mouse is not enough; they also need a decent mousepad to team up with the mouse. Although the modern mice are pretty much usable on all kinds of surfaces except for transparent glass, to deliver the ultimate gaming performance, a nice mousepad required. For gamers, it is important to ensure the mouse can easily glide on the operating surface to reduce the response time, while at the same time, any slip needs to be avoided for better control of the mouse. A good mousepad should be able to provide both excellent glide and control experience. For today's review unit, the Gigabyte AORUS AMP500, it is targeted towards gamers, but is it a good gaming mousepad overall? We are going to take a thorough look at it. Let us get started!

The Gigabyte AORUS AMP500 was shipped from Gigabyte's offices in City of Industry, California, USA through FedEx and their International 2Day service. From the above photo, you can see the shipping box itself was in really good shape. There is no need to worry about the items inside the box. Aside from the AMP500 mousing surface, this shipment also contained the Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory DDR4-3200 2x8GB RAM. This has been reviewed by APH Network's editor Aaron Lai.

I always believe a good retail box design is essential to allow the product to be commercially successful. This is especially true for computer accessories. Think about it, a particular product is stocked with dozens of other products of the same kind on the shelf. How to persuade the customers to choose one over other competitors is mostly counted on the retail box design. A good retail box design should convey the information of the design language, or the uniqueness, of the actual product, such that the customer’s attention can be quickly attracted. In this case, the Gigabyte AORUS AMP500 has a huge AORUS branding logo shown on the front side of the retail box. The branding logo itself is eye-catching, and it indicates this product is actually designed primarily for gaming. To the right side of the AORUS logo, there is a small window for the customers to see the item inside the retail box. For the people who are looking for mousepads, letting them to see the texture of the actual product allows them to be more confident with the purchase. Other useful information, such as features of the AORUS AMP500, are summarized and shown on the other side of the retail box. Overall, the retail box design of this product is great. It can attract customers' attention at first glance, and it also allows the customer to find out all of its key features effortlessly.

Before we move on to see what is inside the box, let us take a look at the specifications from the manufacturer:

-Surface: Fabric
-Materials: Silicone
-Thickness: 1.8mm
-Spill-resistant: Yes
-Color: Surface: Black / Base: Orange
-Dimension: 430*370*1.8mm

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