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Page 8 - Benchmark: SYSMark 2007

SYSmark® 2007 Preview is the latest version of the premier performance metric that measures and compares PC performance based on real world applications. SYSmark® 2007 Preview extends the SYSmark family, which has been widely accepted by IT Managers, PC OEMs, press and analysts worldwide to support Windows® Vista™.

SYSmark 2007 Preview allows users to directly compare platforms based on Windows® Vista™ to those based on Windows® XP Professional and Home. The new release also incorporates numerous new features and enhancements such as an improved GUI allowing streamlined start-up and run along with a heads-up-display (HUD) and automated error reporting.

SYSmark 2007 Preview is an application-based benchmark that reflects usage patterns of business users in the areas of Video creation, E-learning, 3D Modeling and Office Productivity. This new release includes a robust and refreshed set of applications. The SYSmark family of benchmarks are used by PC OEMs, hardware and software developers, IT departments, system integrators, publishers and testing labs as well as Information technologists and computer industry analysts.

BAPCo's SYSmark 2007 Preview builds upon its predecessors utilizing the strongest and broadest development team in PC benchmark history. BAPCo's depth of membership represents the breadth of the computing industry and harnesses a consortium of experts.

SYSmark 2007 Preview incorporates the following applications:

- Adobe® After Effects® 7
- Adobe® Illustrator® CS2
- Adobe® Photoshop® CS2
- AutoDesk® 3ds Max® 8
- Macromedia® Flash 8
- Microsoft® Excel 2003
- Microsoft® Outlook 2003
- Microsoft® PowerPoint 2003
- Microsoft® Word 2003
- Microsoft® Project 2003
- Microsoft® Windows Media™ Encoder 9 series
- Sony® Vegas 7
- SketchUp 5
- WinZip® 10.0

From: Developer's Page

SYSMark has been a favorite benchmark to many reviewers for quite a while -- and while we are part of the BAPCo Press Network since 2006, we haven't had the chance to really use this benchmark to test something with real performance differences -- until, of course, we started reviewing CPUs. SYSMark 2007 is a real life application benchmark that actually reflects software performance in the real world, so in context this is not a synthetic benchmark.

In the E-Learning section, the E7200 yielded a performance advantage over the E6600 of 5.1%, 3.7% in Video Creation (Probably due to its lower L2 cache size), 7.6% in 3D Rendering, and 4.0% in the overall system rating. The only section that the E7200 lost to the E6600 is in the Office Productivity benchmark -- where the E6600 a minor lead of 1.7%.

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