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As I noted in the introduction, you could look at the YU lineup of Kanto as a species family in Pokémon. Therefore, if the YU2 was a Charmander, then the YU6 would be a Charizard. This analogy works in multiple ways. Starting with the design, Kanto has evolved their same aesthetic from the smallest to the largest pair of bookshelf speakers, making them all of the YU speakers belong in the same family. The YU6 is quite obviously the largest one, but the uniformity between this and the smallest Kanto speakers make for a pretty neat look. As the specifications go, the YU6 is the most powerful of the three, just like how the base stats of the Charizard is generally higher than a Charmander, at least when compared at the same level. Otherwise, the YU6 has the same input and output options as the middle child, the YU4, with multiple inputs of analog, digital, and wireless for all types of applications; even hipster vintage inputs like turntables. It also includes a subwoofer output, which is not something all bookshelf style desktop computer speakers have. When it comes to sound reproduction and quality, I have to say the YU6 is once again the top of the three Kanto speakers. Not only is it producing a large amount of sound, it is able to produce it with good precision and detail. When you compare it with even more expensive speakers, the YU6 does have its deficiencies, such as cleanness of the sound and an even thicker midrange, but the YU6 still is quite good in its price bracket. I do, however, think there should be a fix for its analog inputs and the static noise that comes with it, whether this is a grounding, interference, or another issue. Some other convenience things like banana plugs on the cables or having a USB input would have been nice too. As for pricing, the Kanto YU6 has an MSRP of $480 USD, but these speakers are often available for $390 USD. At the end of the day, the Kanto YU6 are a stylish and well-performing pair of speakers for audio listeners, showing its highest evolved form in both audio output and quality from the company.

Kanto provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Compared to previous Kanto speakers, the YU6 has kept its minimalist look while evolving its sound in both amplitude and characteristics.

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