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As far as overclocking is concerned, I was not able to eke out anything meaningful out of the Kingston HyperX Savage HX324C11SRK2/16 2x8GB. To be honest, I really did not expect anything much to happen either; being a pair of DDR3-2400 memory that operates at 1.65V, it is hard to expect more. With that in mind, let us round up this review today. Just like my new glasses I have discussed in the introduction, for the non-discerning individual, not many people can pick out the distinguishing elements with the latest entry into Kingston's HyperX performance memory line. But here is the thing: If you really do not care, chances are you will not be reading this review in the first place, so I think it is safe to scrap that possibility aside. Now that we can firmly establish the fact that you are someone who do care, and a person who can tell the difference, where does the Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3-2400 2x8GB kit stand? Firstly, the looks. If you are building a computer with a window, the sharp red heatspreaders ought to stand out in a good way. This is not to mention it is low profile, so in case you have a big CPU cooler that occupies a lot of room, rest be assured your HyperX Savage will fit under it. Secondly, the performance. Sure, it is not overclockable (At least not my set), but it operates at a speedy DDR3-2400 specification already. Thirdly, the guarantee. Kingston makes great quality products, but in case anything goes wrong, you are backed by a nice lifetime warranty. With this in combination, for about $200 at press time, the Kingston HyperX Savage HX324C11SRK2/16 2x8GB is not cheap, but rest be assured you will get what you pay for.

Kingston provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Kingston HyperX Savage HX324C11SRK2/16 2x8GB is a speedy set of DDR3 RAM with slick looking low profile heatspreaders and an excellent lifetime guarantee.

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