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Last week, one of our readers posted on our forums, asking if the OCZ RD400A 512GB is fast. I do not know if he is serious or not; asking whether the OCZ RD400/RD400A is fast is like going up to a Ferrari owner and asking if his car is fast. Of course the OCZ RD400A 512GB is fast. In some cases, it is mind-blowingly fast. In all other cases, it is hilariously fast. But whether you are getting a chuckle over how much of a performance gap the OCZ RD400A 512GB has over the competition, or simply awestruck by the numbers it posts in the benchmarks, there is one thing that we can conclude without a doubt: The OCZ RD400A 512GB is fast. Like, freaking fast. But the difference between asking whether a Ferrari owner's car is fast and the OCZ RD400A 512GB is fast is, while the Ferrari is fast only when it is not in the shop for a week waiting for a $20,000 part that has to be flown in overseas from Europe, the OCZ RD400A 512GB promises top notch reliability with quality Toshiba MLC flash memory chips. Although its write endurance is not as high as the Kingston HyperX Predator PCIe 480GB at 882TB, the RD400A 512GB's 296TB rating means you can write as much as 162GB per day -- well beyond the needs of most people. And should anything go wrong, the company backs it up with an awesome five-year advanced exchange warranty, where they send you a brand new drive the next business day along with a shipping label to get your defective SSD back, both free of charge. Now this is what I call customer service. And how much do they want for this kind of performance and guarantee? For the 512GB model, only $330 at press time. If 512GB is not enough, you can even buy a 1TB model. The only downside is the OCZ RD400 512GB is not very power efficient under load, but unless you plan to use it in your laptop, this is really the least of our concerns. This NVMe drive is one of the highest performance SSDs in the market today. No one asks about the fuel economy of a Ferrari, so why should you worry about the 6.4W of power the OCZ RD400A 512GB consumes under load?

OCZ provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Watching the OCZ RD400A 512GB benchmark against all the other SSDs we have tested in the past is like watching an Olympic heavyweight boxer fight a bunch of five year old kids: There is simply no competition.

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