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The United States Air Force claims that the F-22 Raptor "cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft". Without doubt, this is quite a statement to make. What makes it the best fighter? Clearly, it is not one individual factor that makes a particular product superior over the competition -- the matchless-in-every-way stigma can never be composed properly by being just the fastest plane, having the best stealth coating, loaded with the biggest bombs, or equipped with the most advanced avionics. It has to excel by every meaningful metric of measurement. This is where the OCZ Vector comes in. What good is it to have the fastest SSD in the market, only to have it fail in a couple of months after you have purchased it? In the same way, what merit does a slow SSD carry, even if it was reliable well past the point of technological obsolescence? Designed with quality, reliability, and stability in mind, the Indilinx Barefoot 3 powered OCZ Vector 256GB is incredibly fast not just in benchmarks, but also in real life. The company also backs their confidence in this drive with a lengthy five year warranty. To close off our review today, let me refer back to my Vertex 4 review introduction. "A good [TV drama] plot is not always an essential ingredient in the recipe for success, but a poor cast even with a good plot is pretty much a predestined failure." While the OCZ Vertex 4 may be an improper recognition of talent, OCZ's Vector 256GB puts the star in its place, with a brilliant plot and an equally excellent production team to boot. So to answer that $270 question, wait for it -- yes, the OCZ Vector is the Fala Chen of SSDs in my books.

OCZ provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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For approximately $270 at press time, the OCZ Vector 256GB is a solid state drive that promises to excel in every meaningful way. As far as what we can test up until this point, I can find no fault in this statement.

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