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With all of the data in hand, I can say Patriot slithered into the deep end of gaming peripherals, and approached it quite well. To answer the question raised in my introduction, I think Patriot took a mix of both calculated risks and some innovations when it came to the Viper V360. Design-wise, you cannot really say there is any inspiration taken from any other manufacturer, with the exception of the headband, and this is a good thing. Its styling may not necessarily get all the fans, but the bright red LEDs and Viper branding will attract some users. Build quality is pretty good here too, and from a company like Patriot, you know they would not skimp in this department. Patriot has also taken a lot of good attributes found in competing products, like a lengthy braided cord, hiding microphone, and volume control. When it comes to audio quality, despite being a new entry, Patriot shows it can throw some punches. Audio reproduction is great in many ways, with a deep rumbling bass accompanied with a natural sounding midrange and treble. Of course, there are things Patriot can work on in the audio department too. For one, the muffle in two of the three regions can be cleaned up. Secondly, soundstaging and imaging can be improved with a wider and deeper sound characteristic. This would help in both music and gaming performance, and I think would be beneficial in their next product. Physically, I would suggest the use of a gooseneck with their microphone to allow full flexibility. Finally, if they throw in some memory foam padding into the ears, this would improve overall comfort as a whole. But even with all these suggestions in mind, the Patriot Viper V360 is a competitive headset, especially when you look at the price tag. With an MSRP of $70 USD, and an even lower regular price of $60 USD at online retailers, this is a pretty good deal. Patriot's foray into the gaming audio industry may be a first, but do not take them lightly. With products like this, Patriot has the potential to be a mainstay.

Patriot provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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This snake branded gaming headset may not go down in *hissssss*-tory as the best, but the Patriot Viper V360 is a good bang for your buck option.

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