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Sharing similar credentials as the 1MORE True Wireless ANC I reviewed a few months ago, are the Philips True Wireless ANC T8505 earphones any good in real life? Unlike the 1MORE, the Philips are actually pretty good. For one, active noise canceling actually works -- and quite well, too. Low frequency noise was noticeably canceled beyond what passive noise blocking was able to achieve in our tests. Another thing these earphones are superior to the 1MORE True Wireless ANC includes 60% longer battery life at tested 4 hours 42 minutes with ANC turned on. The T8505 is also significantly smaller with a more professional appearance along with IPX4 certification for water resistance in any direction. Above all, the Philips True Wireless ANC sounds significantly better than the 1MORE True Wireless ANC in practically every respect. I also like its USB Type-C charging port and wireless charging support. Add great wireless range and consistency, are these the earphones to beat in 2021? Well, there are a few key areas Philips can work on in my opinion. On the sound quality, while it is acceptable for the casual user, the midrange in particular has room for improvement and the overall output can be cleaned up. Adding aptX support in addition to AAC will be a welcomed addition. The touch controls are absolutely trash -- it is irritatingly disruptive in day-to-day use with tons of false activations. The microphone on the Philips True Wireless ANC is mediocre for voice calls. Other minor recommendations I have include changing the charging case material to metal for a more premium feel like the 1MORE True Wireless ANC and make it start on the last operating mode rather than always with ANC on. For about $150 at press time, if you are looking for decent true wireless earphones with active noise canceling at a reasonable price, the Philips True Wireless ANC T8505 is a respectable choice.

Philips provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Philips True Wireless ANC T8505 are true wireless earphones with acceptable sound quality, good battery life, and active noise canceling that works for a reasonable price.

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