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After a rigorous amount of testing, I can finally say whether or not my experience with the Philips Wireless Neckband ANC PN505 was like my sink experience at work or if it was just generally good. I will start off by saying I had quite a decent experience. The active noise cancelling was quite satisfying, as it did actually work well beyond what passive noise cancelling was able to provide. The rated battery life being 9 hours with ANC on is quite good, but to top that, I had tested it to last about 11 hours with constant audio playback at 50% volume. The mic quality was another part I found to be quite good in real-world use. My voice was quite clear and there was not too much background noise. The audio produced by the Philips Wireless Neckband ANC PN505 was commendable as well. There is a noticeable boost in the bass, which was advertised and may be desirable to some but not others. Some shortcomings in the sound were more noticeable in the midrange, where the output was slightly recessed. The recessed noise was more noticeable in the lower midrange. The treble was good, but I found it to be a bit rounded out on the higher end. Also, the soundstage was narrow, but this is a common issue with pretty much all earphones in this category. A nice addition would be to add aptX and AAC support for Android and Apple users, respectively. For about $125 USD at press time, if you are looking for wireless earbuds with a neckband design and active noise cancelling that works, the Philips Wireless Neckband ANC PN505 is a decent option.

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The Philips Wireless Neckband ANC PN505 are Bluetooth earphones that has acceptable sound quality, excellent battery life, and functional active noise canceling.

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