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I talked about precision in the introduction of this review in different areas; mainly how important and valuable it actually is, and this definitely applies to how important the sensor of a mouse is. The ROCCAT Kone EMP claims unrelenting precision with its Owl-Eye sensor. Even with such a good sensor, there are some other important factors in determining if this mouse is good for both MOBA and FPS gaming. The build quality is good, but it is a large mouse, so it might not be as attractive to everyone. The larger body is also accompanied with a heavier weight. This does make it less attractive for FPS gaming, since it makes it a bit more difficult to quickly move in specific directions; however, I did not encounter any issues with this. On the MOBA side, there are two buttons on the left side of the mouse, making it good enough for MOBA, but if you prefer to have most of your hotkeys on your mouse, this might not be the one for you. The EasyShift function helps for more buttons, but it is not always the best for two buttons to be pressed. Unfortunately, the weight cannot change, so you need to know if you are comfortable with the heavy weight of 116 g. The optical sensor delivered in each of the categories; performing accurately and consistently. To make it a bit more flashy, there are four RGB LEDs, which can be configured through the ROCCAT Swarm software. The software is well designed and easy to use, as I encountered no real issues with it. The price tag comes in at $80 USD, which is on the expensive side. It would have been nice to see some adjustable weights at this price, since the mouse is quite heavy. If you enjoy a larger and heavier mouse, then the ROCCAT Kone EMP is definitely worth checking out.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Kone EMP lives up to the name of its Owl-Eye optical sensor in performance and in practice.

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