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Taking a step back, I think it is still a brilliant idea to make the mousepad big enough for both keyboard and mouse even though it has been almost 15 years since we have first seen a product that did such a thing. This is because on one hand, it provides a large operating surface for the mouse. A regularly-sized mousepad restrains the mouse operating area to wherever the mousepad spans. For the desk-sized mousepad, if you find your mouse gliding area is not big enough, you can just move your keyboard a little bit, and you have a larger mousepad for your mouse. It feels like you have an adaptive mousepad to suit your needs. Secondly, a desk-sized mousepad can make your desk looking cleaner compared to having the keyboard and mousepad separated. This is especially true if you have an RGB keyboard, RGB mouse, and RGB mousepad. For the ROCCAT Sense AIMO XXL, the front surface is large enough to comfortably fit a full-size gaming keyboard and still provide plenty of space for mouse activity. The front surface features a pure cloth-based feeling and I really enjoy the tactile experience of this product. It is also pretty balanced in terms of glide and control, so it is good for both productivity tasks and gaming. The only thing is, the cloth-based surface may not that easy to keep clean, so regular cleaning is recommended. For the appearance, there is no doubt about how good it looks when the RGB LEDs are on. The dual programmable lighting zones of the light guide looks fascinating even without extensive configuration work, thanks to the well-designed software and hardware coordination. The price of this particular reviewed product is $60 USD, which is not bad for a desk-sized mousepad with RGB lighting. The build quality of Sense AIMO XXL is good, so there is really no complaint about the price tag. However, if you think buying an XXL mousepad is not necessary, then you can also get a regular-sized Sense AIMO for $40 USD. For me, I would prefer the XXL, since you pay less dollars-per-square-inch and you get a cleaner desk altogether.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Sense AIMO XXL has one more "extra" than Tim Hortons' largest coffee, and this mousing surface offers performance and pizzazz in one XXL package.

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