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As I continue my quest of fixing my sleep schedule, I will likely try to find some activities that put me to rest before going to bed. Maybe it will be playing some casual games and chatting with my friends with a comfortable headset like the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air. I like the general design concept. There is nothing too flashy about the headset and maintained a nice, muted look, while having a bit of style to it when taking into account of the RGB LEDs. The plastic build is surprisingly good, producing no creaking noises when adjusting. ROCCAT opted to use their Bionic Shell yet again, making the Syn Pro Air about 50g lighter compared to an average headset. All of the pads use an athletic fabric filled with memory foam cushioning, providing a comfortable and breathable experience. I also find the athletic fabric to be a better choice for gaming compared to leather even though the latter looks better. The wireless connectivity is surprisingly good with no noticeable lag and a huge range to the point it covered my entire house. With an in-depth analysis of the audio quality, I found it to be quite suitable for gaming. My main issue with the Syn Pro Air was the upper-midrange boost was a bit much to bear. On the input side, the microphone was quite muffled and had some fuzziness to the audio. It will suffice for day-to-day use, but I would recommend a better dedicated microphone if you want to stream. It was refreshing to see the Swarm software being replaced by Neon, which is much more appealing, but will need a lot of work to iron out the bugs. Lastly, I often found myself readjusting the headband due to it being a bit too loose even though the Syn Pro Air was comfortable. At an MSRP of $150 USD, you are paying quite a premium for a lightweight wireless gaming audio experience. If you are looking for a comfortable headset capable of gaming for several hours on end, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air is a respectable choice.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air is a comfortable lightweight wireless headset for those who want to game hours on end.

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