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As with all our removable storage reviews, I would just like to make it clear from the start we have a large mix flash drives of different performance grades on the list, so when comparing results, be sure to do so contextually. AIDA64 results provide interesting insight to the performance of the SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB as an uber tiny USB flash drive. Delivering up to 123.2MB/s sequential read in the beginning of the drive, around 45MB/s thereafter, 42.1MB/s random read, and 74.2MB/s buffered read, it was pretty slow by modern standards, but it is also one of the physically smallest drive on the list other than the first generation Ultra Fit 128GB. Its 3.98ms random access time was also higher than all other flash devices. So far, for 256GB of USB 3.1 storage, the Ultra Fit was certainly no speed demon.

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