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In the introduction, I mentioned the SilverStone Permafrost PF240-ARGB utilized some automotive-grade parts, and I was wondering whether these parts could make a great water cooler for a normal customer. The answer is yes. In fact, it is not just the automotive grade radiator and signal generating chip, but all the parts in this product are of high quality. For example, the included ARGB fans can deliver both good performance and low noise level. In terms of styling, the water block has the resemblance of the SilverStone's company logo, and with the built-in ARGB LEDs, the water block and the fans can have stunning synchronized RGB effects. The pair of water pipes are braided outside, which is a welcoming feature in terms of improving the look of the cooler. As another highlight of this product, the automotive-grade radiator allows the cooler to survive in harsh environments if you ever need that. Overall, the PF240-ARGB is a well-designed all-in-one water cooler. The installation process was straightforward, although you may need to spend a little bit more time on hiding the wires. Last but not least, the cooling performance was great according to my tests. At press time, the cost of getting one of these water coolers is $100 USD. It may sound a little bit expensive, but considering the quality and performance delivered by this product, I believe it is worth the price.

SilverStone provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The SilverStone Permafrost PF240-ARGB is a well-designed and well-built all-in-one water cooler in an attractive package.

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