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About ATTO Disk Benchmark

The ATTO Disk Benchmark performance measurement tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows. Measure your storage systems performance with various transfer sizes and test lengths for reads and writes. Several options are available to customize your performance measurement including queue depth, overlapped I/O and even a comparison mode with the option to run continuously. Use ATTO Disk Benchmark to test any manufacturers RAID controllers, storage controllers, host adapters, hard drives and SSD drives and notice that ATTO products will consistently provide the highest level of performance to your storage.

From: Developer's Page

For our benchmarking tests on this review, we decided to go with our ATTO read and write tests first, which is a common benchmark we use in our storage reviews. ATTO is an often-quoted benchmark because it is easy to use and accurate. ATTO uses easily compressible data, so compression-heavy controllers will perform very well here. As manufacturer peak read and write performance ratings are usually achievable using ATTO, whether a drive lives up to its marketing claims or not can be validated by this program. Since this is a docking station limited by the USB 3.2 Gen 2 bandwidth, there will be limitations with the maximum data transfer speeds and I cannot reasonably expect a drive to perform the same in a docking station than when installed directly into an M.2 PCIe slot on my motherboard. With that said, the docking station with the Patriot P400 1TB attached managed to achieve maximum read speeds of 900 MB/s and maximum write speeds of 934 MB/s. While this does not quite reach the theoretical maximum data transfer speed, this still comes reasonably close.

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