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As its name suggests, the SilverStone Tundra TD02-E is a great performing closed loop water cooling unit. The results reflect this perfectly; especially when under load, as seen in the graphs on the previous page. Compared to the Cooler Master Nepton brothers, the Tundra was clearly a truck length ahead. I found the Tundra TD02-E's overall design to be very clean, and is very appealing to look at, especially with its blue LED on the water block. Unfortunately, for those who do not have this taste, the light cannot be turned off. Its structure is very sturdy, and its radiator fins keeps its structural integrity very well, even after you brush your fingers over it. When it comes down to noise level, the Tundra TD02-E is also very good, even with two fans running at top speed during full load. Although its performance was excellent, the installation process was more on the challenging side. Plastic standoffs were provided to keep the backplate in place, but they did not do its job quite well. The user must be able to hold the backplate in place, while trying to install the water block. This may prove to be quite difficult and frustrating for some people, as they will need to apply enough pressure to keep it in place while mounting it securely. Needless to say, SilverStone needs to improve the installation process. For the last little while I have had it, I have yet to experience any issues with the reliability of the Tundra TD02-E, but with a five year warranty, SilverStone has your back covered. In the end, the SilverStone Tundra TD02-E is a strong performer, setting a high bar for its competitors for only $90 at press time.

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Bringing the arctic tundra to your computer, the SilverStone Tundra TD02-E delivers solid cooling performance for the price.

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