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The Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro earphones come only in a black color, but I think it looks really nice. The majority of the earbud has a rugged texture, with just slivers of brushed metal in between the rugged parts. The Tesoro branding is found on each earbud in white, but it does not interfere or take away from the modern feel of the design. The back of each is flat with a small Tesoro logo found there. This area is also flat because it is magnetized, meaning the two earbuds can be put and held together by their backs. The magnet is strong enough to work for its purpose without being too strong to tear apart. The metal housing also adds quite a bit of mass, and I was definitely surprised at the earphones' weight when I first held it in my hand. At a measured weight of 17.8g, this is heavier than the V-MODA Forza Metallo, but lighter than the V-MODA Zn. Even so, it caused me to have some reservations as to how well these would stay in my ear.

The Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro earphones have an in-line remote with three buttons on it. These are really useful for listening to music and for answering calls, although I found some issues with the remote. The volume up button worked really well, and had satisfying feedback. However, the middle button for play/pause and the bottom button for volume down had barely any feedback. The bottom button was the worst culprit, as most of the time I did not even think I pressed the button. It almost seemed stuck in a specific position. Moving on to the cable, it has a flat and tangle free design, which throughout my use proved to be truly tangle free. Otherwise, the cable is 1.2 m long, and there is another 1.2 m cable to extend the Tuned In-Ear Pros even further. The extension cable doubles as a splitter to divide the microphone and audio inputs when you use these with your computer. All the 3.5 mm connectors are gold plated, which may actually help out the connection, though the difference is probably minute. All the connectors are straight, with the main connector being supported by a small rough band of metal. This should help with durability overall. Through and through, the build quality of the Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro earphones is excellent.

The picture above shows the three different sizes of sleeves. The smallest is actually quite small, but I quickly changed the default medium sized sleeves to the small ones. As I have stated before, I was surprised at the weight of the earphones, which caused me some worry as to if they will fall out of my ear or not. With the smallest ear sleeves installed, I was happily surprised to find that they sat comfortably in my ear and did not fall out at all. This is one of the rare earphones with this design I have tried that actually stayed in my ear. As well, the three different sizes really help to accommodate a wide array of ear sizes.

Inside of the metal housing, we find 9.2 mm dynamic drivers. Dynamic drivers are better for use across different frequency ranges compared to balanced armatures. The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 KHz, which is the normal range for human hearing. Otherwise, the rated impedance is 16 Ohms, which is fairly standard for earphones of this size. Overall, the technical specifications for the Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro is standard, but we will have to see what they sound like on the next page.

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