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As I cleaned my room during my break, I found myself on the computer browsing random videos. I thoroughly enjoyed this time off, being away from everything. I once again encourage everyone to find some time to spend in solitary. Taking a break with the Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB was nice and peaceful and I found my joy for mechanical keyboards to grow ever bigger. Finally, we have a clean looking keyboard that is fresh in its own right. The unboxing experience was satisfying, having so much to keep the ARGENT K5 RGB safe. Thermaltake did a great job in the design and build quality as I found it to look good while maintaining a high standard of quality with very little flex. The Cherry MX Speed Silver switches made sense for the targeted demographic of gamers, as the switches give an edge with its low actuation force and linear travel. I appreciate the built-in commands and secondary functions for launching applications and changing the backlighting, as they are easy to use. iTAKE Engine was also intuitive to use and should perform adequately for most users. There are some minor tweaks that can further improve it, but overall it is functionally fine. Another good thing going for this keyboard is how it has a magnetic detachable wrist rest. The one thing about the wrist rest is it does not fully extend across the bottom, making it look a little odd. I would have liked the inclusion of a cable runway, as it would allow me to route my cable nice and out of the way. At an MSRP of $190 USD, the Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB is quite pricey, but this is balanced with a solid build and excellent secondary functions.

Thermaltake provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB is a unique gaming keyboard that pairs clean looks with great performance.

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