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There is always a tradeoff when we have to make decisions. This is certainly held true when you are designing a computer cooling product. For example, the tradeoff between heat dissipation performance and form factor has to be considered. For the Thermaltake UX200 SE, the size of the heatsink is a bit on the smaller side, hence the size and weight of the cooler can be reduced. With a smaller and lighter heatsink, I think it will be harder for the product to deliver cooling performance that matches a larger and heavier heatsink, and this is to be expected -- it is just the laws of physics. However, according to our tests, the Thermaltake UX200 SE was able to deliver very reasonable CPU cooling performance relative to its size, thanks to the high-volume airflow design of the included fan. The heatsink itself also features good build quality, and the matte black paint finish looks really good. The 120mm fan has hydraulic bearings, which makes it reasonably quiet and durable. The ARGB LED lighting feature with a standard 5V RGB header allows this cooler to be synchronized with other ARGB LEDs on your computer using standard headers from all major motherboard manufacturers. My only suggestion for improvement is to use a backplate rather than the mounting bracket with plastic retainer design for easy removal. In terms of retail price, the Thermaltake UX200 SE is around $30 on the official website, which I think is really reasonable for what you get. All in all, the Thermaltake UX200 SE is a solid choice for a budget CPU cooler that I find worth recommending.

Thermaltake provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Thermaltake UX200 SE is an easy-to-install, good looking, and decent performing CPU cooler with ARGB LEDs at an affordable price.

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