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A laptop keyboard really does not have much -- if anything -- on a mechanical keyboard. It does depend on the laptop you have, but mechanical keyboards just have more to offer because they do not need to be as compact. Now, the XPG Summoner is much better than my laptop's keyboard, but I did not just test it against a laptop. Even against other mechanical keyboards, the XPG Summoner definitely performs well. Its build quality is second to one with the aluminum plate. The wrist rest is a great addition with ample padding and a nice leather cover. Cherry MX switches are always a big advantage, and on the XPG Summoner, that is no different. The keys are responsive, crisp, and do not feel squishy. My biggest struggle with the keyboard, which is what I generally have with RGB keyboards, is the functionality. Using only keyboard commands could work well, but the implementation for the XPG Summoner is a bit clunky. Unfortunately, the keyboard commands do not work that well. When you switch to gaming mode, a specific color is activated, which cannot be changed unless you turn gaming mode off again. In my opinion, it would be great if you could use your RGB LEDs to their full potential. The price at press time comes in at around $100 USD at press time. For a full-sized keyboard with RGB and Cherry MX Red switches, the XPG Summoner sits at a good price, especially if the RGB system's functionality does not bother you much. For a keyboard being a keyboard, the XPG Summoner is well-built with excellent keys.

XPG provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The XPG Summoner mechanical keyboard delivers on quality and performance at a great price, but could use a bit of a bump with its RGB capabilities.

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