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When Goldilocks went around the house of the three bears, she found her preferences always matched with the baby bear. I would think this is reasonable, since baby bear would eat the least, and be the closest size as a human, which is why everything fit her wants. Of course the story explains it as the fact the baby bear has the perfect setting for its porridge, chair, and bed. However, I think the real thing to take away is the fact the middle settings were perfect for the human intruder. So is this the case with the middle child in the XTracGear Carbonic lineup? Starting with the positives, XTracGear did a lot of things right with the extra-large mouse pad. For one, they kept practically everything the same as the XXL. It comes with the same top notch build quality, with the same excellent glide, slide, and noise characteristics. The sides are still rounded out and covered with a soft braid, and it protects the edges while keeping wrists comfortable. In addition, the top and bottom are both consistent in their build. The pad stays in place very well, proving the Sure Grip technology is... surely working. Once again, the only thing I would improve upon is something I have been asking for all fabric mousepads, and this is to make some sort of oleophobic surface to repel the absorption of liquids. This would truly make the mousepad stand out, while protecting it from the spills of Mountain Dew or Red Bull. Currently, the XTracGear Carbonic XL can be had for around $28 USD, which is only two dollars less than the extra-extra large version. It is a little pricey considering it is only a little more than half the size, but it is not like anyone would cut the desk version one in half to make two Carbonic XLs. In addition, I think the build quality and performance justify its higher costs. Thus I will say both the Carbonic XL and XXL are both e-XL-lent options, and you should buy either, depending on your use case.

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You might not be Goldilocks, but if you are looking for a middle-of-the-road size with a mousing surface, look no further than the XTracGear Carbonic XL.

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