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I am no stranger to giving correct but useless answers. In the introduction of this review, we have discussed a time where I tried to explain to my friend what a radar detector is from an engineering perspective. So just for fun, to close off today, I got another story for you: A few weeks ago, when another friend casually complained why Wi-Fi signal was so weak in her location, I began to explain RF signals attenuate significantly through concrete walls. Contextually, she was not really looking for an answer; she was simply ranting about her inability to connect to the internet using her mobile device. With the whole idea of understanding the idea of context before presenting an answer strongly understood, how is the 2014 version of the XTracGear Ripper XXL? Fortunately, XTracGear, unlike me, is no stranger to giving both correct and useful answers. This epic "extra extra large desk mat" continues the tradition of a ridiculously large surface that covers both your mouse and your keyboard at 914mm x 457 mm, and steps up the game with a revised surface coating in conjunction with some the company's Sure Grip rubber backing. Personally, I have noticed a slight increase in resistance when gliding from side to side, but the Ripper XXL continues to exhibit superior control using my high performance SteelSeries Sensei Wireless mouse. Of course, the biggest improvement is the Sure Grip backing. It is not just a marketing term. The grip is so much better on hard surfaces, it is simply mind blowing. With all this accounted for, and the context of XTracGear's Ripper XXL nicely defined, without question and without doubt, it is not only the correct answer and useful answer in the world of surfaces -- it is an even better correct answer and a more useful answer in the world of surfaces.

XTracGear provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Eight years after we reviewed the original Ripper XXL, the latest iteration from XTracGear continues to be one of the best extra-extra-large desk mats of all time.

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