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Usually, it is fairly easy to base how good a product will be on its price and from which company it comes from. Lower price typically means more corners were cut, while a higher price usually imply things are upgraded to reach a specific standard of quality. So what should we think of the ZealSound HDE-300 when its MSRP is only $15 USD? It is no doubt priced very competitively, but is it any good? I really like the way it looks, especially the wood housing. It is clean looking, and carries a classical appearance that is not too edgy. I also appreciate the reason for using wood, although I am not sure how much it actually changed the sound quality, and it definitely did not bring me closer to nature, haha. The bass was solid, and I think the area where the ZealSound HDE-300 shined the most. However, the rest of the frequencies sounded hollow, and did not deliver a nice punchy or bright sound I would have liked. The overall sound quality will not blow you away, but hey -- it is fifteen bucks. Embedded in the cable is a one button remote, which is used for answering calls, and is where the microphone is located, which is convenient. However, the button felt pretty rubbery, and is not very responsive. Furthermore, the microphone is about average, but at least the reproduction is clear. The fiber cable is durable, and will probably last long, but I am not so sure about the tangle-free aspect. I sometimes struggled to undo the cable, and only when I placed the cable properly in the little carry bag when there were no issues. The microphonics are average, since rustling noise is inevitable. Overall, I am impressed with the ZealSound HDE-300 for the price. Of course, it could be better, but if you are looking for something you can listen to without worrying about breaking or losing, and comes with a remote and microphone, look no further.

ZealSound provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ZealSound HDE-300 has a clean and classical look with actually decent sound quality for $15.

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